Our twin girls, currently in 3rd grade at ACEE have undergone a complete transformation on how they feel about school. We pulled them out of the private school where they were struggling to the point that on Sunday nights they would cry at the prospect of having to go to school on Monday, and enrolled them at ACEE. Now, on Fridays they want to know how soon they can go back to school.

The teachers at ACEE are warm and encouraging and teach to how they learn. They really care about my daughters, to the point that if one of them is out sick, her teacher will call us to check on her, and vice versa..  One of the girls asked us what we thought her favorite day of the week at school is. We named every day of the week and she said no to all—then told us EVERY day of the week is her favorite day at school. They also attend the summer program and love it! ACEE has been a lifesaver for our family. - Aaron and Melodie Sorensen
We have been a part of the ACEE family since my child was in third grade. He struggled greatly with reading and I was at a loss in knowing how to truly help him. He and I were both exhausted and frustrated by the road block this reading deficit placed on his education. However, when ACEE came into our lives, everything changed for the better! Through encouragement, fun, and very specific techniques, my child started to make progress. He has grown in amazing ways over the past five years. His confidence and enjoyment of learning have been restored and I am forever grateful for the impact this school has had on our lives. - Becky Reynolds
Our son has been attending ACEE for a few years and he has really blossomed as a student and individual. The relationships he has with the teachers at ACEE is a blessing to him and us. For him to come home and smile as he talks about his lessons and the things he has done that day is a great joy. A few weeks ago he was studying for a test, we were using flash cards- but he did not just know the answers he understood the reasoning behind each answer- he was able to explain why New York, or as he kept telling us New Amsterdam, was founded because of trade. He has really thrived in a environment that allows him to learn at his own pace, moving along quickly in subjects that come naturally to him and being able to take his time at the harder things! We are blessed to be involved at ACEE and thankful for the opportunities that it has brought. - Maria Coggin
Awesome teachers, fun and loving environment, and creative learning strategies that helped my children who had difficulties learning. Wonderful asset to our community!!!!- Courtney West, homeschool parent of three

Our son has been attending ACEE since December 2017. He struggles with ADHD and needs a kind and nurturing environment to help him develop and learn. The teachers have been able to get to know him quickly and his academic performance has increased so much during the short time he has attended. As a school counselor the past 9 years, I can say that ACEE is a place for students who sometimes struggle in a typical school environment and need patient, loving teachers who are willing to get to know the individual student. The public and many private schools just do not have the time or structure to allow for this kind of instruction. We are so blessed to have Tiffany Anderson and her program here in Murfreesboro. It has been awesome for our son!

- Dennis and Tammy Waymire, Murfreesboro, TN